Acetic Acid Glacial

IUPAC Name: Acetic Acid
Formula: CH3COOH
Origin: Malaysia (BP Petronas), Korea

Named ethanoic acid systematically. It is a colorless organic liquid compound with CH3COOH (also written as CH3CO2H or C2H4O2) chemical formula. It is sometimes referred to as glacial acetic acid when undiluted. Vinegar is no less than 4 percent volume acetic acid, making acetic acid, apart from water, and also the primary component of vinegar. There is a unique sour taste and pungent smell of acetic acid. In addition to household vinegar, polyvinyl acetate and cellulose acetate are primarily generated as a precursor. It is categorized as a weak acid because it dissociates in solution only partly, but concentrated acetic acid is corrosive and can attack the skin.

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