Citric Acid

IUPAC Name: 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3 tricarboxylic acid
Formula: C6H8O7
Origin: China, Thailand

Citric acid is a small organic acid that arises naturally in citrus fruits with formula C6H8O7. It is component of the process of citric acids that happens in all aerobic organisms ‘ metabolism. Overall, more than one million tonnes of citric acid are generated annually and over 70% of complete manufacturing is used as an acidifier or antioxidant in the food and drink sector to maintain or improve the aromas and characteristics of apple wine, ice cream and marmalades. Citric acid exists as anhydrous, crystallized by warm water, or as a monohydrate crystallized by cold water. Heating citric acid monohydrate can produce the anhydrous type of citric acid.

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