Soda Ash Light

IUPAC Name: Disodium Carbonate
Formula: Na2CO3
Origin: Turkey

Also known as anhydrous sodium carbonate is soda light and its formula is Na2CO3. It is a white, odorless granular powder which is water-soluble and forms a powerful alkaline aqueous solution. It is also hygroscopic, absorbing atmospheric moisture, causing it to clump together. It mainly exists in its form of monohydrate, but in the forms of decahydrate and heptahydrate. Soda ash sources form instantaneously from sodium deposits, and sodium deposits have undergone long-term geological processes such as rock erosion, transport of sodium sediments, and chemical reactions. Sodium deposits are released from igneous rocks for the first time under weathering. They were then washed away, flowed down and gathered in the basin. It produces soda when exposed to carbon dioxide

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