Sodium Bicarbonate

IUPAC Name: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
Formula: NaHCO3
Origin: China, India, Turkey

Sodium bicarbonate, also recognized as sodium baking soda, carbonate sodium acid, carbonate sodium oil, or sodium bicarbonate, is a chemical compound withNaHCO3 composition. It appears as black crystalline or dust and in water or mineral springs it is readily soluble. In the shape of mineral nahcolite or thermokalite, sodium bicarbonate happens in nature. Sodium bicarbonate is an amphoteric compound that responds to the compound of acid or base. It can respond to sodium acetate with acetate. It also responds to the production of carbonates with core compounds such as sodium hydroxide. Sodium bicarbonate will decompose at temperatures above 149 ° C into another stable material, which is sodium carbonate, and will also generate water and carbon dioxide as a by-product.

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